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Prepare yourself for a very random question:


Okay so one of my dance friends has good natural turnout, when she sits with her feet straight out and rotates her legs outwards (like in first position) she has pretty much 180 turnout. When I do the same I don't. So, I thought that she has better turnout than I do, which is fine, because turnout is something I'm constantly working on anyway.


A couple days later we were warming up and doing the "frog" position. Without sickling my feet, my hips, knees, and feet lie pretty much flat on the ground with little to no trouble. The same friend, however, has her feet very far from the ground and cannot get them lower without sickling.


We were confused as to why this would be? I know both are turnout exercises, but I don't understand why one of us would be able to do one and not the other and vice versa. Are they stretching different things? Is it a matter of flexibility or strength?



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You know, Tatiana, I don't really know why that would happen, but I have so little use for the frog position that I don't really care. I think it's a dumb exercise position, and really indicates little to nothing, besides being very hard on the knees. What matters is what one has, and is able to use, standing up.

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I know it's not a useful position, I just do occasionally because it's comfortable. I know it's hard on the knees and I heard it's especially bad for people who are hyper-extended, so I rarely ever do it.

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