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I completed my first ballet class yesterday. I wore socks during the class and the instructor had to keep remimding me to point my feet.how do I keep my feet pointed during the class.

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It takes a lot of time to build up the habit of pointing your feet every time they leave the floor, but fortunately this is one of many qualities barre exercises are designed to improve. Keep going to class and working on your battements tendus, dégagés, and your ability to point your feet consistently will improve over time.

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Rhino, welcome to the world of Ballet. Hans is correct, Tendus at the barre will help you point your feet. it will be automatic in a few weeks.


Do not despair! You will learn so much by taking class regularly. You may feel a little sore after your first or second class, it is an adjustment and your body will compensate over time.


Merde! (how dancers wish each other Good Luck)

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Hans and MJ both responded to your enquirey with great advice. Yes it is a learned skill. Just try to be concious of it every time your foot leave the floor or is extended in point tendu. Add it to your check list: are my hips square, is my weight forward over my center etc... Ballet takes time to coordinate. You'll get it ! I had an instructor that used to give TV excercises. You can practice pointing and flexing your feet in front of the TV. Great use of time during the commercials! LOL Here's a great one. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and together, feet flat on the floor. Slowly straighten your knees but keep your toes on the floor. Really great for your arch and pointing.

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Rhino, you can also practice Tendues at home, also slow Degages (a tendu with a lift) just slightly off the ground. This will encourage pointed feet in the air, and discourage you from putting any weight on a pointed foot.

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In the show we just did I was in the ballet, but also a contemporary dance piece. I'd been practising so hard to point my toes all the time, that my contemporary dance teacher had to keep reminding me NOT to point my toes as for that piece she wanted a more natural looking walk! I had to fight the urge to point! :D

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I agree with the others. The concept of constant foot pointing seems a bit foreign when you begin ballet classes, but the more time you spend at the barre, the more natural it becomes. It's just one of the many things you need to adjust yourself to in regard to ballet and like everything else, with practice it becomes second nature. Since taking up ballet, I've gotten in the habit of wearing ballet slippers around home all the time. (I have separate pairs for home and studio use.) As I'm sure most dancers already know, ballet slippers make for wonderfully comfy house shoes, and wearing mine prompts me to frequently flex and work my feet as go about my daily activities at home. I often do as silvergreydancer and MJ suggested above -- I do the knee straightening/foot pointing exercise as well as periodic tendues and degages. This has helped to not only turn me into a "natural foot pointer," but it's also improved my foot strength and flexibility considerably. You might want to give it a try, too!

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Tourdeforce6, we actually do not recommend the use of any devices for stretching the feet. Therabands are good, and you are in control with a theraband. But all of those expensive devices out there, in my opinion, are not going to do it for you. There is nothing better, however, than tendu, degagé, pas de cheval, frappé, and basically everything one does in ballet, if they are taught how to do it well!

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Tourdeforce6, please note that you, as a parent of a male dancer, are posting in the Mens Forum, which is restricted to postings by MALE DANCERS and the Teacher-Moderators. This Forum is for the Men only.


As a Parent of a male dancer, you may post in the dedicated Forum for Parents of Boys, the appropriate age Parents' Forum, Cross Talk, or any of the other non-restricted Forums. :thumbsup:


But, not the Mens' Forum. :wink:

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