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Steps to become a professional/my training


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I am 13 years old and I have been seriously doing ballet for 2 years. I am very serious about my training and I know that it is very hard to make it to a professional level especially since I started ballet late. I really want to know what I can do to upper my training.


I just read the age appropriate training guildlines and I have to say I find my schedule very odd. I have (per week) 2 regular technique classes (90min), 1 pointe class (90min) and a variations class (90min) as well as modern dance (45min.) and on top of that, rehearsals ect. I find that the lack of technique classes rather odd and the level above mine has 5 a week. What is also odd is that my school claims to be "pre-professional" which is not my impression because there is no audition to go there.


Because of this, I am considering changing studios. I will be attending a local 2 week intensive at another school and see how it goes. After that, I will attend the Gelsey Kirkland Junior Intensive (3 weeks); I hope to maybe stay year round. After the intensives, I will be auditioning for a pre-pro academy.


At home, I do pilates exercises and theraband exercises.


I would like to have advice on how to upper my training; am I doing the right thing? I really want to be the best dancer I can be. If I don't make it to a professional level, it wouldn't matter because I would have enjoyed the training ect. Although I really want to be a professional ballerina. (Am I making any sense? :dizzy: ) Thank you.


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It does sound that you might benefit from a more intense training schedule. I am not a fan of 90 minute pointe classes, to beginning and intermediate pointe students. Actually, not even to advanced students. If you are able to find a school, locally that offers daily ballet technique classes to young people your age, this would be best. A four to six day a week schedule could improve you as a dancer, as long as the teaching is good. Have you discussed your concerns with your family? Is your family behind you in your pursuit of ballet as a career? Are they willing to transport you to another area of your city or county for a higher level of training? Are they in support of your staying in NYC, unsupervised as a 13 year old in a year round program?

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Thank you vrsfanatic for your advice. My parents are behind me for this, they encourage me and support me. I have talked to them, and they are willing to let me stay in NYC, if I get accepted.

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