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When I do a grand pile, I'm having trouble getting my pelvis over the toes. It's completely in line until about 3/4 of the way down and then it kind of swings back a little bit. Especially in second. Would stretching help?

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No, sounds like a rotation problem. Go only as far into the plié as you can maintain correct alignment. It is not okay for the pelvis to go back! Be sure that you are resisting upward as you bend, as pliés, all of them, are "up" things, not "down" things. :) Feel like you are getting taller as you bend and keep your head up. Dropping the head too much can cause the pelvis to go out.

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a question with demi and grande pliés - I do not have a deep plié as my Achilles tendon is extremely tight, therefore my grande pliés in secondé, it is difficult for me to keep my heels on the ground - what do you recommend?

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Only go as far as you can keep your heels on the ground in second. You might try making it a little bit wider, if you are keeping it relatively small. But, talk to your teacher about that, as the width of the second position is important in terms of the method you are studying.

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