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A mental image

Jaana Heino

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A few weeks ago my swordsmaster gave me a mental image about movement and alignment that I have found useful both with swords and with ballet, and I thought I'd share with you (any opinions about it would be nice :)).


He said (quoting from memory): "When you move your arms and legs, try to think that it's the bones that move and muscles that follow. Imagine that there is a force that pushes the bone from behind of the movement to where ever you want it to go, and that the muscles just go along, relaxed."


In reality, it of course tends to be exactly the opposite: muscles pull and bones follow. :rolleyes: Nevertheless, I feel the image is cool and makes me feel more light, and makes my movement more precise and controlled, and even stronger.

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My theory on that, Jaano, is that if it works, go for it! Different images work for different people, and what matters is if it is effective in achieving the intended goal :)

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