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Having trouble with my développés!


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I have been told many times that to do a proper and beautiful developpe, I have to use my inner thigh muscles not my quads. I have tried so many exercises to strengthen my inner thighs but I still seem to be using my quads and I don't know how to stop doing this. Is there any way of being able to stop using my quads so I can do a higher developpe?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, DancingBean0398!


It is true that you do not want to OVER work your quads, however, they do have to work or you would never get it fully straight at the top of the développé. That said, it is more your hamstrings that need to help than it is the inner thigh. That is best done by trying to feel the energy coming down through the body and up underneath your leg, almost like there is a force there that just allows the leg to lift rather than trying to muscle it up there with the quads. Breathing can help. Take a breath in as you reach the retiré position, exhale as you lift the leg up and out to extend. Be sure that you are very lifted to begin with, not sitting in the heel of the supporting leg, and maintain that weight placement as you unfold.


There are a lot of former topics on this here, and you will probably find some where I have gone into more detail. :)

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This is very helpful to me also! I have always wanted to make sure to not "grip" my thighs to get my développé and grande battement higher. I will make sure to use these tips in my next class.

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