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Stuff to Bring to Sunking Richmond Camp


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So I'm officially going to the Richmond Summer Intensive in June (in 3 weeks! Ahhhh!) and I was wondering if anyone who has attended the camp can offer suggestions of what to bring. I have the packing list that I received after registration, so I know about all the basic stuff that they list.


For anyone who has been, was there anything you brought that you were really glad you had, or anything you wish you would have thought to bring?


It seems like I remember seeing a suggestion somewhere to bring a personal yoga mat for stretch/pilates classes. (However, it is entirely possible that I imagined that.)

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There are 2 pinned threads over on the Adult Ballet Students Forum, both called some variation of Richmond Survival Guide. They are ancient, written before the program changed its name to Sunking, but still valid. They must be pretty complete, because nobody has added new information in many years.


Have fun!

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Barre Talk is correct: those are the best guides to the Richmond Adult intensives we have, compiled over several years. I didn't realise that people wouldn't recognise the name as the same as the SunKing camps. I'll see if I can edit th tiles to make this clearer.


If I recall correctly, there is quite a bit of information about what to take, including ideas about food, self-help first aid, and so on.

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I hope this won't be removed since I haven't gone to the Sun King/Richmond camps before - however, I have attended a few pre-professional full time intensives. I wanted to give a bit of input on what I found helpful at a full time intensive. I'll just be writing about things that aren't already included in the Sticky that was posted before.


1.) Bringing a tennis ball or roller - I couldn't believe how nice it was just to have something in my bag to give a quick massage or loosen my muscles with in between classes. The first few days makes you insanely sore and stiff, especially if you're not used to that kind of dancing schedule. Having a roller or tennis ball to relieve tension was wonderful!


2.) Besides water-water-water, have a few envelopes of some kind of powdered electrolyte restorer like Gatorade on hand for a quick energy or hydration jolt. It was nice once in a while to have access to instant gatorade when I felt like I needed it.


3.) sweat towel - I don't know how air conditioned Sun King camps are, but even in a very climate controlled situation, I found it was nice to have a wash cloth or small towel of some sort on hand.


4.) extra pointe shoes - alternating pairs of pointe shoes will help keep your feet happy. It would be terrible if your shoes died mid intensive and you didn't have a quick and inexpensive way of replacing them immediately. I'm unsure how many hours of pointe you will have at Sun King camps, but at the intensives I attended, the majority of the classes were en pointe, and for someone like myself who does not go through pointe shoes easily I stocked 4 pairs on hand. This is dependent on how many hours a day you will be dancing on pointe of course, and how quickly you go through shoes - but I'd have a back up pair no matter what.


5.) Sewing kit - so important. I always have a Bunhead's stitch kit in my bag in case I need to resew a ribbon or elastic.


6.) bio-freeze or some sort of pain relieving balm for massaging into your muscles. Advil for inflammation and an instant ice pack in case you need it.


7.) Travel packs of scented wet wipes - sometimes, in between a class, it's nice to have a refreshing swipe of wet wipes to use on your skin on the go since you obviously don't have time to jump into the shower before the next class.

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Thanks, LaFille -- this is all excellent advice.


And one of these days, I'll get to Richmond ... I'm often in the States in the summer, but usually working.

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I want to go so much! It's not super feasible for me at this moment since I'm not in the States. Plus, I would feel rather intimidated by the cost and convenience of getting around, transport, hotels, etc.

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LaFille, apply to the ISDS in Hong Kong. It's closer to where you live and we could share accommodation.

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^^ Haha, Pixie, I'm working on that this weekend actually. I realized how out of it I was when I tried to practice a variation. There was a lot of sitting in the studio and staring at the mirror like, "What am I thinking?"


Oh yeah, and for all of us adults - don't forget some good sports tape. I have to tape my knee when I start getting fatigued, and having that in your bag for emergencies is a LIFE saver.

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I have been to Richmond (from Perth, Western Australia) and am going again this August, YAY! Two things I found really handy were Arnica gel and the magic Zen spray (available from health shops here in Australia) for niggles/soreness. I also definitely found a spiky ball for rolling out muscles useful.

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I thought the pinned list was great, but want to emphasize one thing from it: larger shoes. About halfway through the week my Pointe shoes started slipping off my heels, that never happens to me and I finally realized my feet had swollen so much they were too short. I was lucky I had a few pairs of soft shoes in different widths, so I ended up getting by with only my 'big' shoes, but was out of luck for pointes and had to struggle through.

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Loohoo, you might consider adding your pointe shoe advice to one of the pinned threads.


The pinned threads can be a valuable resource for the future if people continue to add their own useful advice, but refrain from posting off topic comments (the 'I'm going in June' type) there.

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