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What is/how to fix sinking into hips


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Today my teacher told me I was sinking into my supporting hip, and that I wasn't on my leg. I've gotten the correction before, and I also struggle with having my weight too far into my heels. At a previous class, my teacher told me my weight was too far back, so I focused on fixing it, but she later corrected me saying my weight was unevenly distributed/I was sinking into my hip. What does it even mean to sink into my hips? I googled it, and the main image that shows up is a girl with tilted hips....but I feel like my hips don't look uneven like that, but I guess I can't watch myself, my teachers do. Does it have to do with my weight being too far back? How do I fix it? I feel like I'm not sinking as much if I move my arm forward on the barre, and when I try rotating my legs equally.

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Sinking, or sitting in hips is not about tilting them. It is, however, involved with having the weight too far back. Having the hand more forward on the barre is important in helping, but you still have to be sure that your weight is more forward and that you feel very lifted, even when you are doing a demi or grande plié.


There is a great post in the "Pinned" topics on the Adult Ballet Students forum about Alignment. Please read that, as I'm sure it will help you a lot. It is titled "Clara 76's post on Alignment".

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Thank you so much! I read the post, and it was pretty helpful. I'm slightly hyperextended, so I think what happened is that I started developing some bad habits from going back into knees. Side note, in the post it says that trying to correct hyperxtended leaning back by leaning forward puts too much weight into the thighs and makes them bulky. But even hyperextended people with super clean technique still seem to have more muscular thighs? Anyway, I've been trying to correct it by leaning forward and pulling up, but I was wondering if I could have permission to post pictures to see if I'm still sinking. I don't have class tomorrow because of Memorial Day, so I can't ask my teacher.

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Muscular thighs are fine- bulky thighs are different and come from lax muscle tone from not using the muscles! :wink: You have to locate and learn how to engage your rotators, but in order to do that properly, you have to first work on your alignment.


I know kids put all kinds of photos on FB and Instagram, but let's start by having you and your teacher (who can work directly with you) work on this together.

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And please loose the term "leaning"!!! One does not lean forward or backward in terms of alignment and weight placement. One moves the weight of the body more towards the forward part of the feet, but there is no leaning involved! :o

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