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Eleve Dancewear?


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I apologize in the beginning, if this not the right place to post this topic, but I was unsure on where to post it...?


I was wondering if any one has ordered an Eleve leotard, and if they liked it? Basically the leotards are similar to Yumiko, except they are a little less expensive and you can order them in patterns and not just solid colored.


I was looking at leotards online and noticed one was an Eleve leotard, so I looked up their website and saw they were customizable! If anyone has some knowledge about this brand I would love to hear what you think of them!




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Hope it's okay if I post here. Hey Melibjeli!


Actually, I live close to the Eleve Dancewear "store". I think there's only one, I don't know if there's more than one throughout the US... but I think it's just the US.


There might be a couple people at my studio with Yumikos, but Eleve is really popular. We can't wear patterned leotards and stuff in regular classes, because we have a level-color coded dress code, but there's always Eleve at rehearsals and stuff. A lot of the older dancers wear Eleve... but they have a lot of sizes, so it's not just them. I've never gotten an Eleve leotard, but everyone says they like them a lot. A LOT. Whenever someone gets one, they are really excited about it.


I know there's the Women's > Leotard section.

Then there's About... Fabric Options... Gallery. I don't think it matters which one you go to, because it tells you to go and look at Fabric Options anyways.


I don't see a lot of thin strapped at my studio, but there's a lot of thicker straps. Nobody has gotten one with a high neck either. Since they're customizable... it's kind of hard to tell. I think I've seen "Chris", "Laico" with sleeves, "Lauren" maybe, "Michelle" type stuff.


I think they are good prices! They're all 50-63 dollars. I think if you get a certain option on a couple of them it's +8 and I'm not sure about shipping costs, since I live around them.


Edit to add: I only know about leotards. None of my friends have got the skirts, because we aren't allowed to wear skirts. There's only 2 on the site though.

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Well I am not an expert and I only own one Eleve but I get the impression that the sizing is quite different. I am definitely an XS in Eleve and S in Yumiko. Customer service at Eleve is really good so if you have any questions I am sure they would be happy to help!

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Hey! Thanks! It's great to know that many think highly of Eleve, I have been considering purchasing and Eleve!

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I currently have two eleve leotards and i absolutely LOVE them! The fabric is so high quality. I definitely would take measurements and compare them to their sizing chart. They do run kind of short so if you have a long torso I would go a size up. Also when choosing patterns, make sure to read the colors in each pattern so you can make sure they match. You wouldn't want to get a leotard as expensive as these and have the colors not match!

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I have an eleve and I absolutely love it! The quality is absolutely wonderful and they have so many great styles and fabric options to choose from. I definitely recommend buying one :)

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You're welcome, glad I could help!

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I don't have any Eleve leotards, but I'm hoping to get some eventually! I don't know if anyone has heard of the site Balletlove.co it sells leotards similar to the ones that Eleve and Yumiko have, but even cheaper! Has anyone tried them out?

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I was just looking at them and their colors beautiful! I too would love information about them!

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I have many Eleve leos, they're great! Really well made and flattering, plus they are so unique! The people that work there are also very helpful if you call and have any questions!

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