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Ballet Classes in Berlin, DE

sie tanzt

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Does anyone know of a good studio that offers adult ballet classes in Berlin, Germany. I will be studying there this summer and don't want to stop taking class.



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I have heard good things about Marameo. (you can google it)

Depends a bit on your level, of course; they have daily class for professionals, but I am not sure really who takes those classes. :)

They are not - or were not - very expensive, either.



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Thanks! I'll have to check it out! :)

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I'd also like to know about classes in Berlin. Preferably open classes in different genres, ballet, jazz, tap. I'm probably moving there...

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Thanks Diane, that definitely looks like a good place for open ballet classes. Do you happen to know any studios that offer open classes in other styles, like jazz or tap?

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Marjolein, unfortunately I do not know of schools which teach high-level jazz or tap. There may well be some, of course.

If you are moving there, you can surely ask around at some other schools, such as the one listed above, and most probably some of the dancers there will be able to help you.



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Those look great, Shulie. And <hello> -- haven't seen you hear for a while!

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Thanks Shulie! There seem to be a lot of schools which offer tap in Berlin, but not so many which offer jazz beyond intermediate level. But I'm sure I can piece together a decent schedule.

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