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Keep in mind: Not all ballet classes are created equal--especially in college dance programs. . . . . Even Dolly's students take ballet classes. :wink:


Your DD will want to visit campus, observe classes, see a performance or two if possible, and assess the general level of students' skill/technique levels. If those elements match what she is looking for, then perhaps the program is a good match for her and would be a 'top' program for her list. If it isn't what she's looking for, then it won't be a 'top' program in her book. But, for someone else, it might very well be.


Appears you will just need to do some first-hand investigating and visiting the school and its program. Tutu2you has given you a nice place to start in terms of what information to seek out. There are other tips and insights in various threads in the College General Discussion as to what one might consider and look for in the various programs.


Please do report back your DD's assessment after she's observed some classes or visited the dance department and talked to folks there.

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A red flag was raised in my mind when I saw that there wasn't even a thread here.


Just because a college dance program does not have a thread on BT4D is not cause for a "red flag." I was the thread-starter for the University of Arizona back in 2005 (with no veteran BalletTalk member to advise me) and my DD has been having a successful dance career for the past 5 years.


I'm with Miss Leigh in urging you to visit SHSU. Just as you learned that it might have been nice to have your daughter start auditioning for SIs earlier, I'm telling you that you need to go visit as many college dance programs as you can manage now that your DD is 16. Whether or not your DD is considering the college route, I think it's important to visit an array of programs anyway.

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