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Best Stretch Bands?


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I want to buy a really great stretching band that is worth the money, that provides an intense stretch for a dancer who is already pretty flexible. I've heard of Ballet Band, Flexistretcher, Hygenic Thera-Band Stretch Strap, Chacott Stretch Band, etc. Does anyone have any reviews of what they think is the best stretch bands? For stretches like straddle oversplit, back extensions & arabesque, etc?


I'm not sure whether to buy an elastic or a braided fabric-type band. Elastic ones like Chacott and Ballet Band seem to work well for some dancers I know, but is the resistance strong enough to give a good stretch?


Also, if you want, please add any other of your favorite stretching devices for any type of stretch for your body? I love the Ballet Foot Stretch!

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Balletglitter, I know you have not been here very long, but I think you need to do some reading on this forum. While we do not have a problem with Therabands, we do have a problem with using other devices, and even those devices for things like oversplits. Unless you are going for the Olympics or Cirque du Soleil, oversplits are not recommended and we feel that they are potentially dangerous.


As for Therabands, I don't know them by brands, but I understand that the colors have something to do with the strength. I would do a bit on search online at the websites of the companies that make them. :)

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