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DS, age 13. is hoping to start auditioning for SI's next year. Should his current training method factor in to his choice of which SI's to audition for?

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If he were my student I would recommend a program consistent with his current training. I always prefer that, especially with my younger students. Speaking with his teacher or AD would be the best place to begin your research.

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For my DS's first SI we thought that going to a school with the same style was important but for the following years he went to SIs with different styles. He has always gotten a lot out of SIs regardless of the schools' technique or style. His home studio was Vaganova so the first SI he attended was Vaganova but the next year he went to a Balanchine school and the following year to a more general SI. This summer he will spend 3 weeks at a Vaganova school and 5 weeks at a Balanchine school, so all sorts of options work. Many factors go into deciding on the right SI so check out the SI forums.

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