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Changing from studio to ballet school


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Our 10 year old daughter this summer is moving from a studio to a formal ballet school. She is very excited to be able to dance with other girls that are as passionate about ballet. This will be her 4th year in ballet, I made her wait two years to start lessons, so that we would know if she really wanted to dance since I know ballet requires dedication and hard work. She is currently in an advance Ballet 3 class. Her current teacher, a former student and dancer with the French National Conservatory, informed us that if our daughter wants to continue with her training that ballet school would be the only way to get the right training. I was just wondering if you have any advice for a parent of a 10 year old to help with the transition to formal ballet school? She is a very focused and correctable child for her age, something I could never have done at her age or even now.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, juliaaidan!!!!!


Does she have any questions or concerns? If not, I would just involve her in the process of reading the dress code and the school rules, and take her shopping for her new leotard, tights, and shoes! Ask her if she'd like to begin to learn how to do her own hair and how to sew her own elastics on her shoes, and then help her learn. Beyond that, she should be fine!

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Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, she is very excited about starting at the new school. We purchased her new shoes and leotards. She is moving from the single soled leather shoe to the canvas split sole (is this standard for her level?) . Which is interesting, because she said wow, my point shows up more. Her current teacher requires them to only wear full sole leather shoes. Her current teacher is wonderful and our daughter is sad to leave her but her teacher said she would come to her first class and any performances that she may be in. We are working on having her do her own hair, she has red, long curly hair which takes a while to tame for 3 classes a week now. She is going from 3 one hours classes to two, hour and 15 classes. When she moves up to Ballet 4 the following year, it's 3 a week. Do you think two classes a week is enough time dancing? She would take ballet every day if someone let her.

It will also help that her current teacher knows the husband and wife former professional team that own the school and believes they have the right training and connections to help achieve what ever goals she has in the future.

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Since she is moving to a pre-pro school, trust the teachers to know what is best for her right now. :)

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