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Vids/books for adults - pro suggestions?


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Ms. Leigh or Mel,


I realize this is a video question, but this is in reference to adult learning, a lot of them are for kids.


As a supplement to class, are there tapes which in your estimation would be good to have in the home library for proper reinforcement teaching principles for adults - especially developing beginners?


Finis Jung seems to be possible - or?


With endless funds (just kidding) would you be able to recommend a group to have available, especially for your first 2 years in ballet?


If you need to move this to the vid forum, fine, but as adults it would assist us in making purchasing decisions.


Also books?


Thanks very much for your suggestions. :)

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The Balanchine Library had some, as I recall...there were perhaps three or 4? I have them and think they are generally available.


(for all you wags out there, no I do *not* do them....:) )

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Actually, antbobby, I have never seen any of the class video tapes. I know Finis Jung to be an excellent teacher, so I would expect his videos to be very good.


As for books, there is none better, IMO of course, than Gretchen Ward Warren's Classical Ballet Technique.

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Thanks Ms. Leigh. I'll get the book right away. I've seen it, but don't have it. I'll order it.


I have two books, Vaganova's book - Basic Principles of Classic Ballet - Russian Technique (from my college days) and one called


The Classic Ballet - Basic Technique and Terminology

by Kirstein, Stuart, Dyer


Both from my college days.


Thanks for your assistance again!

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The David Howard tape series is rather good. I own 2 different ones, the beginner and the take a master class vol 1. I would reccommend those. I have never seen the Finis Jung videos

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Guest Tibbit

I found a really great ballet book, aimed at the adult beginner. It is the Joffrey Ballet Schools Ballet Fit Workout. It was really good, it wasn't dry at all, and gave a great workout for practice at home, and it can easily be adjusted up or down according to your level.

Hope that helps, sorry to butt in!

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No problem, Tibbit, I just merged your new thread into the existing thread :o

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Guest BBNButterscotch

I second the opinion on the Joffrey Ballet School book. It is mostly written for adults who are beginners, but it has some very good information, as well as simple exercises to tone for ballet. I recommend trying it!

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Thanks Tibbit,


I bought that book, my teacher borrowed it, and she liked it so much that I gave it to her. I only got to scan it. I'm getting a new copy. Really great encouragement for adults.


Thank you for reminding me. :)

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