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Adult Ballet Classes - Pittsburgh


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I was wondering if anyone had experiences with classes in the Pittsburgh area.


I know that Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre has a schedule of adult classes and am planning on checking them out but am not sure of the level distinctions/which one I should try. I danced a lot until I came to college but the past few years I haven't done much ballet. I know that I'll be able to visualize all the steps, the question just becomes whether or not my body will cooperate.


So I guess I'd just like to hear if anyone has taken class at PBT or anywhere else in Pittsburgh and what they thought/where they enjoyed best.



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I was in Pittsburgh for the weekend last weekend and did the Saturday morning advanced class as a drop-in.

It was pretty challenging, but the teacher indicated that he made it a bit tougher than usual because there were some academy and company members in the class.


The class was delightful and everybody was very friendly. I'd happily go back next time I'm in town.

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