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Cojocaru & Kobborg leaving Royal Ballet

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Oh no! This is definitely a surprise! I wonder where they will go???

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Perhaps Tamara Rojo has persuaded them to join English National Ballet. Or it may be a totally different company, after all they are famous worldwide.

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Wow! This is big news! There have been so many changes in the ballet world lately. It will be very interesting to see what these talented dancers do next.

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Nooo! I saw them at the O2 doing Romeo and Juliet-simply marvelous! I can't believe they are leaving. So many other dancers are leaving! Leanne Benjamin retired, Tamara Rojo left, Sergei Polin disappeared... I hope Carlos Acosta stays, as well as the "British staples" like Lauren Cuthbertson and Edward Watson for many more years!

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However, this does make a bit of room for both promotions within the company as well as the possibility of hiring a few more from RBS. Other side of the coin!

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True Clara. RB has hired a record 5 students from the school this year. (At last count) In the previous several years, RB hired an average of 1-2 students each year. It will be interesting to see promotions this year.

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Oh wow that is a shock! Cojocaru and Kobborg are two dancers I always immediately thought of when I heard "Royal Ballet"...

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