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Documentaries: Just Ballet

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A Rose D'Or nominee for documentary was recently release, Just Ballet.

I am trying to find the distribution schedule.

Here is the web site promotional, which also has a trailer, http://www.justballet.at/en/the-film



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Thank you for the link to the trailer. This looks like a fabulous documentary.

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They all look so good and they're only 14 - why on earth would they give one of them a D??????

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It looks amazing, I'd love to see it!

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Hi. Yes, and potentially an antidote to First Position type productions. Unfortunately I have been unable to find out anything regarding distribution.

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Hi. Yes, and potentially an antidote to First Position type productions.


Well, yes it is. Just daily work and exams every 6 months, no talk about "which tutu should I wear for the competition?" ;-)


They wear leotards and sometimes rehearsal tutus.


I would have wished for some more explanations: For example, they show the girls doing an enchainement in class and five minutes later rehearsing a variation of the Lilac Fairy, but nobody explains that the second one is already a role for soloists.


Some nice comments from the girls: "I like that we have ballet in the morning and school in the evening, because in school, we can just sleep when we are too tired." (not sure, if parents would agree here. :ermm: ) In theory, the school prepares them for university. The French language teacher showes sympathy: "It is completely unpredictable who will come to class anyway." (They are excused at school when they have rehearsals.)


One father explaines in Russian, that he doesn't like ballet, but when he saw the passion for it in the eyes of his daughter he understood that he has to support her.


about the D: The teachers discuss that the girl has potential but lacks strength. The ballet teacher than explaines to the girl that this is her first year of professional training and the D should shock her into working harder.


The exam is filmed, students and teachers watch it together and each student ist explained her assessment in detail.


One teacher says, the school takes care the girls don't become too thin.


The girl whose feet can be seen in the trailer explaines, that the first pointe class was very painful and everybody got blisters. They rushed to put cold water on their feet but it was already too late. According to the girl, the teacher commented: "very good, now you know how your life will be." Seems, nobody explained anything about preventing blisters. :(


There is also an interview with Gabriele Haslinger - the main ballet teacher - about her career as a dancer. She became injured shortly after meeting Rudolf Nurejev and dancing Flowerfestival in Genzano with him. After many surgeries she returned briefly to the stage in John Neumeier's Firebird but realized, her body would never be ready for ballet again.

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Hi everyone,


I emailed the production company and this film is still in production, but they said they'd get back to me when it was available!

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It was broadcasted in Austrian televison a year ago since the documentary is about the Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy. However I didn´t see it and it has not been on television since then...

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