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Scoliosis affecting my splits?


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I honestly don't really care about my splits (I devote more stretching time being able to do a full forward bend), but the jazz teacher makes us do them, and mine are decent enough; I used to be really tight, but now I'm something like an inch above the ground in the right and left splits. Which is good enough for me. Close enough to be good in grands jetes and kicks in jazz if I need them.


Anyway, my sister started Chinese dance last year and went from being really tight to being all the way down in the splits in two years or so. And she's growing, which makes it harder. I was mentioning with pride for her her progress to the jazz teacher, and comparing them to my splits, and the jazz teacher said, "Oh, that's because you have scoliosis in your lower back; it makes you have a harder time getting to that position"


Is it true that scoliosis would affect my splits? I'm really curious now. I know you can't see my back and maybe can't answer with certainty, but I can tell you it's fairly mild ("functional" the osteopath said), and only bothers me in ronds de corps, where my lower back sometimes feels pressure when I go around to the back...and doesn't bother me after an osteopath visit. (I also have some scoliosis the other way in my ribcage area and my neck--my spine is S-shaped--but that doesn't mean much to this, I think). Is this a possibility? Or is it just my *ahem* lack of attention that's kept me an inch or so above the ground for the last four years?

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Asc, I honestly don't know, so all I can tell you is that I had scoliosis, but evidently it was quite functional until much later in life. As a child and young adult, never a problem, and it did not become a problem until it drastically increased long after I had stopped performing and had been teaching a number of years. However, I also had natural flexibility and rotation, and that was not affected until the increase, when I started having back trouble, and even then it only affected extension to the back. I have never connected functiional scoliosis to an inability of any kind as long as it does not get worse, and mine did not get worse until very much later in life. Thankfully! Once my knees went bad, then I was unable to do very much in terms of demonstrating beyond barre work and adage, like no jumping or pointe, and that is when the scoliosis began to increase. :shrug:

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Ok, fair enough, I was just wondering if anyone here would know. :)

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