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Sending Our Dancers to SI's


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I just put DD on the plane to NYC! I can't believe this day has arrived. It's going to be a very long month on my end of things. The most she has been away from home is a week. I plan to do things around the house and work on my writing, but really, I already know I'm going to have some hard moments. It's hard to let go and let our baby's fly, but they must spread their wings sometime. What do you do when your dancers go off for weeks at a time?

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I sent my DS14 off today too-- he flew across the country and I won't see him again for 8 weeks. I'm very happy for him and sad all at the same time.


So... what am I doing to handle this? Well, I'm reading ballet talk, checking weather.com for his area, stalking him and his friends on facebook, and generally moping around.

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Twinkle Mom, thank you for finding and linking the older thread on this topic! :) I think we can safely close this one now.

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