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What are good SI's?


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Hi! well i know it's too late to sign up for si's... but I want to do it next year and i figured that i should ask some of you that are or already did go... so what programs did you go to? I mean like did you like it? and what was the price (I'm saving up now). Thanks!:D

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Kim, there are a lot of threads about SI's from past years, but there is a new thread at the top of this forum for everyone to post their experiences from this year's programs. So, since most have either started or will be starting next week or the week after, we should soon have a lot of reports.


Most of the students who post here probably don't even know the costs, since their parents have to deal with that, but they are all expensive and all of them are quite similar in cost. There is tuition cost and then there is living cost, plus of course the transportation to get there. It will run somewhere in the vicinity of $3,000 to 4,000 for most places, when you figure in everything.

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