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I did an audition!!


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But I can't say very much about it........


Basically, a TV production company in my country has teamed up with two very famous and prestigious retired European ballet dancers to create a company of adults who do not have 'typical' ballet bodies. They will intensively train those selected, and perform a classical ballet at the end of the project. The idea is to demonstrate to the ballet establishment that one does not have to be a certain size/shape/build to dance, and to make dance beautiful.


They started with around 550 applicants, and I got down to the last 30 :o


I wasn't in the half selected - and to be honest, I was slightly relieved, since I had no idea how I would have managed to fit the schedule around my work - I had never envisaged getting further than day 1!! But it was an amazing process, I got to take class with a couple of incredible teachers who have had amazing careers, and met so many other adults who love ballet. There were so many who had been told as children and teenagers (one in that very location!) that they would never be able to dance ballet to a high level, because they were too fat/thin/tall/short/busty etc, people who had dreamt of it their whole lives. I never had that - coming to this all much later in my life - but it really was so fantastic to see so many of those people being given the chance to fufil a dream. :D


I'm not supposed to talk much about it at the moment, certainly can't share any specifics, but once I can, it's a really good story with some amazing names in it!!


Just wanted to share what I could..... I really do feel good about it - it has made me realise how happy I am where I am with my dancing, how fortunate I am with our studio, and that I can do everything I want to right here, with what I already have.


One happy Mouse :huepfen:

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Sounds really exciting. I'm very happy for you that you got to participate in this process.

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what a great experience and a good idea, too!



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Wow to get down to the last 30 from 550 is fantastic - well done!!!!!! Sometimes it's good for us to challenge ourselves just for the experience and as you say to take class with special people. It also shows how well you have done since you started dancing late - good for you!

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Well good on you!!! See, persistence always pays off ;)

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Doormouse, Once your non disclosure agreement expires have to let us in on the show. My curiosity is piqued.

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Well done, Mouse!! Sounds absolutely amazing! You should be proud, for a reason!


And yes, I'm also really curious now - please do let us know more, when you can!

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Ha ha - yes, of course, once I know what I'm allowed to say and when, I will tell all! :)

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It sounds like it was an amazing experience, and especially nice to find you were in the top 5% of applicants. You must be quite good. Congratulations, doormouse! :)

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