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Who homeschools their teen?

Guest Blossoming ballerina

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Guest Blossoming ballerina

Over in the dancers of 13 years and under. There is a thread about homeschooling.

As I have a dd older than this, I thought I'd start a similar thread ( unless of course there is an old one I couldn't locate).

We have homeschooled our teen for 8 years now. It was originally not for dancing. But now it certainly makes a difference- beng able to get to extra classes. Privates early.

It works quite well.

How do others do it. Do you tailor our school to dance or follow a certain curriculum.

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Dd has been homeschooled from about age 12. We also did not begin because of dance, but it has made pursuing dance at a higher level a simpler process.


We started off using a on-line school for everything but have drifted away from that.. At this point, we use an on-line high school only for science, have purchased math and foreign language curriculum, designed some classes of our own (literature, history and especially ballet history), and she has taken on-line college courses as well.

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Guest Blossoming ballerina

Hello MelissaGA


We too have been able to tailor dd schooling.

Apart from the basics maths English science. We have branched out and are concentrating on dance history. Choreographers. Nutrition.

It certainly makes for a full work load if you consider the hours of ballet/ dance class

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There are MANY threads about home schooling, who is doing, what they use, how they put together their days, etc. Pretty much every topic imaginable has been brought up and discussed on BT4D concerning home schooling. I'm not sure we need a brand new one to add to the mix.


I do not have time at this moment to go searching for one of those threads to consolidate with this one. But, I'm sure there are plenty--in both Parents' Forum and in Cross Talk. You may need to noodle around with the precise search terms, but I know there are many existing threads that could be added to for updating who's involved and who's doing what and what programs everyone is using. :thumbsup:

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No problem rosepetals. It does take a bit of a learning curve to work the search engine but this one is a WHOLE lot more user friendly than the older one was. The key is to make sure the little grey box says "forum" and not "this thread". I found a good number by using: homeschool, homeschooling, education choices, schooling, etc. We had a really big group of homeschool parents a few years ago and they talked about the different options they used. It will be a good start for you. I found 4 pages of options just by using the word: homeschool (again "forum" not "this thread") Certainly not all of those 4 pages were topics on homeschooling but threads with the word within them, but the vast majority were topics of education choice.

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