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What are ways to reduce tension?


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I'm always really tense in my cambres at barre, but it's not exactly my back...most of the time I'm tense in my neck, even though I know cambres are all about the back. I am also moderately flexible in developpes and grande plies, but my legs shake a lot even though I can do the exercise with ease! :(


I've heard that some people have used foam rollers to reduce tension, but that is all really almost a different language to me, and I don't really know where to go or what to do about being really tense. :unsure:

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Technique is a means to an end, sarah_pirouettes. If you are trying to do a back bend, it will not work. Where are you instructed to look while you are performing cambré?

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We are instructed to look to the side.

So we won't choke ourselfs.

Maybe that helps

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This topic may help:



If you do a search of this forum on the word, "Cambre" you will find other topics that may help as well.

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