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Audition questions?


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What should I expect in a ballet audition? I am 13 and auditioning for a ballet/jazz/lyrical company, and we learn a ballet and jazz routine. I'm super nervous about the ballet routine they will teach us; is it usually in centre or at the barre? Are you supposed to smile? Should I force a better turnout? What if I cannot execute a skill or never tried it before, should I just throw it and hope it ends up correct? It's a three consecutive day audition, two days of new-to-company dancer workshops and one day of audition with current company dancers and the other new dancers.


Sorry about all the questions, I'm just really anxious about this audition, it's the most important one I will go to for the next few years. I really want to do good because I take class with the girls I'm auditioning with for the rest of the summer and if all goes well, the rest of this year until next July :) I think I'm a pretty good dancer and I can make it, but I don't want to go to workshops clueless, you know?


Xoxo, impactdancer01 ♥

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers impactdancer01!


Usually auditions are just classes, but if they teach you a dance in the workshop that you will show, that would be in the center. Never force turnout!!! If you cannot execute a skill or have not learned it, tell that to the teacher or choreographer and hopefully they will teach it to you. Usually 13 year olds are not expected to do work that they have not learned before if they have been in regular training. As for smiling, one should always have a pleasant demeanor in classes, and be very open to corrections and appreciate them. If you are performing a piece of choreography then it depends on the dance. If it is a happy dance, you should look happy! If not, then your expression should be appropriate to what the dance is about.


A 3 day workshop sounds like a very fun way to audition! Just relax and enjoy it. :)

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It's children's company by the way, the studio has multiple company levels for ages 5-18; not professional! I forgot to add in original question.

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That's okay, impactdancer, I knew that. There are no professional companies for 13 year olds! :wink:

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Okay (: I asked this question before on a different forum for different views and such, and some people took it as I was auditioning for a professional company and I didn't even think that it was possible :P

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