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Transfer student confusions


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Hello everyone,


Let me give you a little background before my question. I am a male whose been dancing (mostly ballet) for a little less than a year but have fallen in love with it. I take 3-4 classes every week and still crave more. I am also a student at a community college and will be getting my associates degree in Liberal Arts in December 2013 so now I am looking at transferring to 4-year university for spring 2014. Looking at schools I have gotten more questions than answers and I am starting to get very confused.


I am looking to go to school for Philosophy but would love to be able to do ballet as well and so here is my first question, Is it physically possible to double major in dance as well as Philosophy?


My second question is whether or not I have a chance to get into a ballet program with so little experience. Do schools accept beginner students with the hopes that they will learn?


Last question is this, Can I get into a ballet program halfway through the year, Spring 2014, and if I can does it make sense for me to actually do this or should I wait until the fall? If I wait I would continue my dance training and take a couple of academic classes somewhere also.


Any help will be so appreciated because as I said this entire process makes my brain hurt.

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You may want to take a look at Alma College in Michigan:




You would be able to take daily ballet class as well as classes in other genres of dance. It is a very supportive environment for double majors with dance, and the college is generous with academic and arts scholarships. It is a challenging school academically and you would receive a fine education. It is not, however, a school that generally produces professional dancers, if that is one of your goals, though Alma has graduated some working modern dancers. There is a student dance company (by audition) that performs three times per year.

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Thanks for the information, I will look into Alma. Another school that I thought looked good was Skidmore College in NY. They said that most of the dance majors also major in some other academic discipline as well.


Im not sure yet if I would want to pursue a job related to dance, like teaching or professional, and I don't know if I could be able to get into a school that does make professional dancers, but then again, you never know until you try.

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