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Adult Summer Intensive with a variety of styles (including tap?)


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I've been reading about the various options for Summer (and other time of year) intensives and while they seem to be a great start, I'm wondering if there are any that cover a wider variety of dance, including tap. I know that this is a ballet board, but as a full-time professional, I have limited vacation time and if I do get to do an intensive, I'd really love one that covers a wider variety of dance so that all of the styles that I study can be covered (ballet, contemporary, tap, hip-hop, modern, etc).


Thank you.

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Many of the adult intensives I've read about have some other forms of dance included, especially modern, character, jazz. I haven't seen any that include tap or hip-hop, but who knows, they may be out there!


Part of the issue, I think, is that some of the non-ballet classes get lumped into some sort of vague description of "other" classes and it's hard to know how much time actually is devoted to these other styles.

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I think your best bet is to take the money you'd use on an intensive and create a home-made intensive where you create the balance you seek. I'd love to hear that what you seem to be looking for is out there, but I haven't really heard of anything like that yet! The good news is, if you live in an area with lots of classes, or if you can find a way to stay in such an area cheaply (via hostel/housesitting/staying with friends), you can use the extra thousand or so you'd spend on housing toward...more classes! (Or massages, or whatever.)

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