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Men en Pointe?


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I am wondering what other men think about having some pointe training in their dance career. Some people have told me it is in no way helpful and some people have said it can be helpful. The problem is the people who have told me both opinions are female dancers so l'm just wondering what the male perspective is.


If you do think it is helpful, how would one go about getting pointe shoes for men?



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Well, there's no law against it, but depending on how old you are, it is probably more productive to focus on men's class. Both men's class and pointe work place a lot of strain on the lower legs, so doing both at once is usually not recommended as it could lead to overuse injuries.

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I wish I had taken some pointe class when I was younger. I never thought I would need it...so I figured "why bother". Well, here I am in my 50's and my teaching career seems to be taking off...and I feel limited as a teacher, not having ever danced en pointe. I'm afraid to even try at this point in my life and with my 50-something year old feet, yet I don't feel that I can be responsible for a room full of teenagers in pointe shoes when I have never worked in them myself. One of my former "class-mates" from when I was training is now one of the "go to" teachers for adult beginning pointe in NYC (She teaches at Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, and Ballet Arts). Next time I see her I am going to ask what she suggests...but I believe that my "point ship", sadly, has sailed.


Just saying...

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Willimus, how about going to observe some of your friend's classes?

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Well what was said about the overuse injuries is true, but that doesn't mean it can't be beneficial. There is a company called "Men On Pointe" comprised entirely of, you guessed it, men on pointe. I've also seen a man on pointe in a Broadway show called "Priscilla: Queen of the Dessert". All in all, I believe it could be a neat skill to have for a male dancer to have under his belt.

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Miss Leigh:

I'm actually laughing out loud. Actually Laughing. It's so obvious...and I never ever even thought of it. As a matter of fact, she teaches a beginning pointe class that finishes 30 minutes before the class that I usuall take on Monday. I'm going to go observe the class on Monday.

Thank you.


Still laughing at how easy it is to miss the obvious.

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We all do that sometimes though! :)

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There have been other discussions regarding the issue of pointe training for men. I'm sure a search of this Forum would provide additional discussion points, reasoning, and rationales for the various views.

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Dancemaven, I did do a search and didn't find any previous discussions on this. If you know where I could find discussions please let me know, the more info the better.


I'm kinda getting the vibe that it would never hurt to have the training so as soon as I get some point shoes I'll probably take a point class.


I was talking about this question with a friend (who does not dance) and she said "wouldn't you feel singled out in a point class? I'm mean you'll be the only boy". I just laughed, I'm usually the only male in any ballet class I take, it sadly would not be that unusual. If only more men danced.

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Just using "pointe" in the Search box for 'this forum', brought up quite a few previous threads that discussed the issue.

Just be sure your search domain is "this forum".

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One of the company members of the "Trocaderos" takes the ballet class I usually take. His pointe technique is pretty remarkable.

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I think that if a male wants to give Pointe a try, why not? I know some will say what will he do with it? Well, I've taken ballet for almost 8 years now, and I have no plans to do anything with it, but I enjoy it. I consider it a great challenge and a good total body workout. I've read a few articles on boys trying Pointe and it does seem to be gaining more acceptability, more studios/teacher are offering it to males.

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I've been intrigued by the prospect of dancing en pointe, too, ever since I attended a performance of The Trocks (i.e., "Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo") last summer. I'm looking at pointe more as something fun to try, though, rather than as a beneficial element of my overall ballet training. I'm guessing at the very least, pointe work would help further strengthen my leg muscles, but of course my concern with it is the potential for injury. I haven't pursued it at all -- I'm not even sure where/how a guy obtains pointe shoes -- but the thought is still simmering on my "back burner."


The Trocks are totally amazing, by the way. They're tremedously funny, but tremendously skilled as well. Anyone who loves ballet should see them in action at least once!

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