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Does anyone have experience attending 2 schools simultaneously?


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We are considering having dd take ballet classes at one school 3x a week and supplementing with other non- ballet classes at a different school. If you have experience with this can you chime in? Also what non-ballet classes do you find most beneficial?

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Yes we did this until DD started taking 5 ballet classes a week. Prior to that she took tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and ballroom. In fact, we went to several studios because I wanted her to learn from teachers who are recognized for the specific genre of dance. For tap she went to a tap conservatory and for ballroom she went to a ballroom studio. DD has decided on her own that she will probably pick up modern and contemporary when she is in her mid teens.

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My own DD when she was younger, (9-10) struggled a bit with the turnout/no turnout issue that arose when taking Jazz or Hip Hop. For her she preferred just ballet. But when she was 10 she did take one extra ballet class at another studio (she was taking 4 a week at her regular school) and we both saw an improvement in her dancing. The second studio has a slightly different style which really enhanced things for her at her year round school. Every DK is different and I think it depends on what they enjoy doing. Mine just liked ballet!

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Clpretzel, you might also scroll through the index for both Parents Forums and drop in on various threads touching upon these two subjects (i.e., taking class at multiple studios; complimentary disciplines). We have had a number of discussions on both, so I'm sure there is a lot of wisdom and experience that would give you additional food for thought. :thumbsup:


Feel free to bump any of those topics up and re-start//add to those discussion. :)

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My 12 year-old has split between 2 studios for the last 2 years as we have yet to find a studio that fits all of her needs. One studio is more ballet focussed and the other is more rec, albeit excellent rec. She takes 3 ballet/pointe at the first studio and ballet, pointe, jazz, and lyrical at studio 2. We have made the schedule work up to this point but we just got the schedule for the fall for both studios and it is going to be a lot harder to juggle next year. She does not want to give up either studio so I may let her see how it goes this year and if it proves to be too much to juggle, drop a studio in the spring.

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My DD dances 5 days a week at a pre pro ballet school with excellent ballet training, as well as a few hours a week at a more contemporary school. Her ballet school offers very little in the way of any training besides ballet (one class a week of a contemporary type movement). We felt, after seeing how many professional ballet companies do so much more than just classical ballets that she needed to be exposed to different types of movement and dance. I don't see how being a well rounded dancer would ever hurt her:)

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Dancemaven, is there a specific conversation I should be looking at. I did a search and nothing caught my attention in particular.

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Clpretzel, I am away from home and have limited Internet, so I can't do a search for any particular thread very easily.


If it were me, I'd just go to the Index ages for the two Parents Forums and Cross Talk, scroll through the pages, and drop in on like topics.

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My DD is 12. I also have a 14 year old that dance six days a week at the ballet and two evenings at the contemporary studio.

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I would say contemporary and moden. It really seems (and I have noticed other comments in different forums) that other forms of dance seem to be important for ballet dancers. So many companies are incorporating contemporary ballets in their season lineups. I mean how many companies do a season comprised of only classical works? It seems to me less and less.

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Since dancemaven is away, I'll help a bit. A search here is like searching on Google. If at first you don't succeed, change your phrase. Then if that doesn't get what you want, use Advanced search. The threads here were found by searching: things like splitting studios, supplementing classes, two studios.


What's important to remember is that when you start a new topic, sometimes our veteran members have answered that question 30 times over 12 years and they just don't want to answer it again. But, if you search and start posting on the existing thread, they'll get notification of the bump up and they will add their perspective after the fact and with new wisdom about any good or bad that came from their original post saying they split studios. Plus you'll get new perspective from younger members to us also. :)


Here are a couple of threads:


Supplemental training


Create your own program?


Training options


Going to more than one


Two studios


Then when all else fails, even we as moderators just quickly scroll the forum where we think a similar topic may be. Sometimes I'll change my options so the forum alphabetizes titles to help out. But usually, it takes scrolling a page or two (sometimes from last page to first instead of first page to last) and a thread title pops up and I"ll think: "now why didn't I think of phrasing it that way". Now for the parent reading and thinking: "I don't have that much time". I'll put searching in perspective for you by simply saying: Card Catalog :) :)

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Thanks, momof3darlings. I was on my ipad and tried several things, but wasn't coming up with anything super substantive. This is really helpful!!!

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