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Winging feet:Good or Bad?


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My feet wing automatically when I point them. I never have to think about it. But recently some teachers have told me to stop winging my feet, and others have encouraged it. Many people think that winged feet are prettier...but is it correct?

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If the foot is fully pointed correctly, it is not winged. And, feet don't automatically do anything....they do what you teach them to do. The line in ballet is achieved throughout the leg, including the foot. Rotation plays a very key role in creating the line. A winged foot does not.

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Oops! A parent wandered into the Young Dancers' Forum by mistake and a post was removed.

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In addition, a winged foot isn't always appropriate for students. My teachers encourage a clean, straight foot to properly show external rotation and maintain alignment. And as ballet dancers (really we are students), we should only question instruction when it causes harm or has been deemed incorrect.

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