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Slightly Twisted Ankle


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DD landed wrong on her foot yesterday. She didn't fall, but her ankle hurt to stand on it, so she left class (she is in NYC), and put ice on it. This is what I've been able to get out of her from a distance - not swollen, still hurts a little (a little sore), able to flex her foot, taking classes today...

I told her to wrap it with an ace bandage. She said okay, but never confirmed whether she did that or not (texting here). Questions: Am I right in advising her to put a bandage on it for a few days until she can't feel the pain anymore? Should I insist that she go to an urgent care clinic, or does it sound like something that should be okay? Are there any signs she should look out for to mean that it may be more than a slight twinge or twist? Any other advice for dealing with an injury long distance?

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A lack of swelling is a good indication that it is not serious, and, if she is able to dance without pain today, then she is probably okay. If she has pain that stops her from doing things in class, they need to get her to doctor. A slight twist can be a bit sore, sort of like a bruise, and not be serious. But she needs to watch for any swelling and any pain beyond that slight bruised feeling.

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That's what I thought. I know that they are seeing a Broadway show tonight, so I probably won't hear from her until tomorrow to see how she is doing.

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