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Review: International Ballet Academy, Greer SC

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Sorry but I had never heard of it until you brought it up. Perhaps someone else can chime in?

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My reply is very late, but I am fairly new to this site and usually just read the info rather than reply. However, I could not resist reviewing International Ballet Academy. My daughters have trained here since they were 4 years old. All of their teachers are Russian and/or Ukranian. They even have a teacher that teaches at Kirov Academy DC for the summer! Many of IBA's students have been accepted to great summer intensives, including SAB, Kirov, SFB, Harid, Chautauqua, Houston Ballet, Next Generation Ballet, Bolshoi and many more. They have one student this year who will be attending the Bolshoi program in Moscow. Their motto says..."It's All in the Training". Now that my daughters are going to high school, I am very excited about the pre-college program. IBA is restructuring this program and it will be called the Career & College Guidance Program. They plan to structure it to allow homeschool students to obtain credit, as well as guide students...from help with resumes to providing guidance in applying to college dance programs and researching dance scholarships. Check out their website posted in the previous post. New information on this guidance program is coming soon. I can have the administrator of this guidance program post more information.

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