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Leotards for tall dancers

Lady Elle

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I know this is rather random, but does anyone know what leotard brands work well for tall dancers with long girth? I would rather not have to shop around a lot if at all possible! thanks.

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My DD at 5'-11" sticks to thin straps or long sleeves, zip ups tend not to be cut not long enough. Yumiko although all the rage tend to make her look too long in the waist and shorten the legs.

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Ainsleywear works very well for my daughter who has a long torso. Yumiko also works for her although she has to try them on to make sure she can find a style that works for her.

Balera which you can find at Dancewear Corner also seems to work for her.

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Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't realize this was for parents. Please delete/edit if necessary.

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