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Should I change schools for a more serious approach?


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I'm 14 and have been taking ballet for 5-6 years. Ballet is not excessively offered in my area. Currently, I am taking 8-10 classes a week at my school, which is half an hour away. I am in the highest level, but I take extra classes (included in the 8-10) in other levels. I am the only student to audition and go to a summer intensive away from home. I feel like I am not on a preprofessional route at this school.


About an hour away is a larger school which is a feeder to a local company. They offer 10-15 classes a week if you take every class. The company is small, but talented. One of my current instructors was a member of this company.


If I changed schools, would I be taking a possible step toasted higher level dancing? I am extremely committed to attempting a career at ballet. Would it be worth it? Thank you so much in advance!

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Have you visited this school that is further away? If not you need to do that, and either watch or take a class. You need to determine if the dancers there, your age and above, are being better trained than you are. It's not always about quantity, although that is important too. But the quality is the main thing. Are there are higher levels at the further away school, like dancers who are maybe a bit older than you are and dancing at a higher level?

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I have taken an open class there for intermediate/advanced students, watched several ballets where students were involved, and as I mentioned before, one of my current teachers danced there as a soloist. The style seems very similar, but the company school has more levels and dancers my age aren't always in the most advanced spots. If I had to be 100% honest, dancers at the company school (1 hour away) have better training- more fluidity, better extension, cleaner technique, ect. If I were to stay at my current school, I would be in the same level until I am 18! I know the training I am recording is good (as I've been accepted to some SIs), but not the best I can get. If you were in my position (sorry for being so personal), what decision would you lean towards? I know going to the school further away would be a huge commitment.

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Sounds like it may be a necessity. If you can get there, I think it would be a good move.

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Thanks! It will be a big decision for us, but I agree that it's necessary to change schools to work towards a career in ballet. I may stay at the same school for the fall, because our ballet program is extremely intense for the winter season and I have to tie off the year. But after that, I think I have a new plan. Thank you so much :).

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