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Don't you love it...


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...when someone in your class has the same name like you and you get the double of corrections? :angelnot:


Once it even happened that someone had my last name (my last name can be a first name) and I got triple corrections :wub:

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Eh. I had the opposite where there was another girl with my name, and she was way awesome, so sometimes I thought I was getting the compliments when really I wasn't. :(

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I dance with a friend who has the same name. I usually assume all of the compliments are meant for me AND all of the corrections are meant for me. But usually we try to dance in different groups :)

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I had this problem as well, but I didn't realize that the other dancer had the same name. She is a far better dancer than me, and we usually are in different classes. The first time we had class together, the teacher kept saying such nice things to me. I was astonished because I was, as usual, just trying to not embarrass myself, and was amazed at how well I was doing that I was getting so many compliments. It wasn't until we were doing something in groups and I got a compliment while I wasn't even dancing that I realized that I had not magically grown as a dancer overnight. sigh... I should have know that earlier when the teacher advised "me" to lower my leg in arabesque (when it was maybe 1 foot off the floor :lol:)


Now when we happen to be in class together, I try to stand not right next to her so I can instantly tell which is meant for me and which for her. I would love the double the corrections/compliments, but it's generally fairly obvious which one of us is being addressed.

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I often have students with the same name in class and I have to be very careful when I correct or compliment to look pointedly at the one I mean! Still corrections are useful even if they're not specifically for you, so worth while listening just the same!

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Haha that never happens to me, especially not in England. I only had that happen with my quatre-mains partner when I was in middle school. It would drive our piano teacher insane and she would resort to calling us primo and secundo depending on whichever part we were playing at the moment.

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I actually had a teacher call me Paul for several months. Paul is not my name. I didn't realize the amount of attention I was getting until one day she said "Paul, go with the first group". And I didn't move. She said it again "Paul go with the first group". I didn't move. She walked over to me and shouted in my face "Paul...GO WITH THE FIRST GROUP".


Me: "Madame, my name is "willimus". "


Madame: "At this point it is going to be easier to call you Paul. "


She called me Paul for about 8 years.

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It's true. 100% true. I, quite frankly, didn't care that she didn't know my name. She took an interest in me...when she had many many students...and made me a dancer. She is one of three teachers that made an enormous difference in my life, and I will be eternally greatful.

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To add to the general hilarity of this post, I offer this: Our teacher today (male) gave us a detailed demonstration on how to do chaine turns when you have runny nose (this was because I kept blowing my nose and being preoccupied with tissues). Apparently if you don't keep your nose and face in a general posture of 'clench'..... things can really go badly quickly. :yucky:

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Guest Blossoming ballerina

..... Don't you love it... When you have been practicing pirouettes at home and when you finally get to show your teacher your hard work.... They are only half or less than as good as the ones at home.

I was so excited :) oh dear.

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rosepetals, if it makes you feel better, I turn very well when we're marking pirouettes, but when we do the combination full-out, I almost always fall out of them!

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Rosepetals, that also reminds me of times when I'm doing something well while the teacher isn't watching, but then I goof it up when s/he does watch! Pirouettes are especially prone to this for some reason. Rascally things!

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