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8yo on pointe at SI...


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My 9yo(almost 10yo) and her friend are at an SI for the first time. An 8yo day student is in point shoes, and my kid is so mad(ie jealous), and I tried to explain through text that her body wasn't ready, and her artistic director will allow them to start point when they are ready.


I looked at that other link about teacher guidelines, and I can't imagine any 8yo being ready for point shoes. My daughter is so jealous and mad.

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Wow. At the SI my dd is attending , they won't allow anyone under 11 in pointe shoes, regardless of whether they are en pointe at their home studio.

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If I may.....this is a HOT topic and if you do a few searches you will come up with much debate on this exact subject! Even at my DD's pre-pro which has a reputation for later (not before 11-12) pointe there are DDs that are 9 on pointe. Usually there is a misguided parent pushing in the background. Tell your DD that every (and I mean every!) girl under 11 in my DD's pointe class has been injured. That might help her deal with it a bit. Good luck!

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My DD was in a huge hurry to get her pointe shoes (she got them when she was 10.5 years old) and the reality was a lot of problems with fit and pain and frustration and $ spent. After a full school year of pointe classes (1X week for 90 minutes) she has just now started to feel comfortable and able to really dance in them. She is currently in an SI where they have pointe class everyday for 90 minutes, which was a huge adjustment. There were days that first week when she was so sore she could hardly walk after she came home.


I have noticed her home school takes many girls off pointe when they come to us from other studios and have them do a year of pre-pointe. I don't think they would consider the parent's opinions or could be pressured when it comes to this training. There are a low percentage of advanced dancers having stress fractures and other injuries, which I find comforting.


The thing that bothers me is that they won't allow the girls to try Gaynor Minden shoes, which I just can't see how using more durable, shock-absorbing materials could not be in her best interest to prevent pain and injury...I've been told it is because of the shank popping them up to pointe, but the shanks are available in different strengths so I just don't get it.

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Sugarmama, for discussions about why many teachers do not recommend Gaynor-Minden shoes for new pointe students, go to the Pointe Forum and search for Gaynor-Minden. There is at least one thread there that should help you understand what the reasoning is. (I'm sorry, I am headed out the door, so I can't do the search for you).

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Thanks for the responses. I was shocked when DD was texting me. Of course, she and her friends were jealous, and I explained to her that her artistic director would never allow it. I also reminded her that the kids that went on point last year had their point shoes confiscated upon exiting the building because they were getting injured at home in their point shoes. I just needed some reassurance I wasn't crazy think 8yo was insanely young.

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It happens. I saw a 9 year old having a private en pointe and when she came out her mom bragged that she lasted 45 minutes. This is precisely why there is an increase in chronic pain in children. Many are former gymnasts and dancers pushed too hard before their body was ready.

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Well, how else will she be ready to perform Esmeralda at yagp when she is 9 if she doesn't start pointe now?

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