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It's like a dancewear black hole for my growing ballerina!


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I know this happens to all of us--it seems like lately we just get enough dancewear and then suddenly it's too small. Or fits wrong.


We had two back-up pair of pointe shoes (entirely unworn)--and now it seems my dd is ready to go up a 1/2 size. Ribbons and elastics are of course already sewn.


And this week she asked for leotards with better support so that her growing breasts would not bounce during little jumps.


All of this is completely normal and expected, of course...and I want her to be growing...but oy, I feel like every time I turn around I'm spending another $100 at the dance store!


Just looking for a little commiseration since I know we are all in this boat!

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I hear ya. DD has too small jazz shoes, ballet slippers and all her booty shorts are mostly booty right now! She has one week of comp dance left, then moves to a pre-pro and I don't want to buy new of things she won't need or may be too small come august. She looks like a little forlorn neglected dancer right now, but I swear all this growing happened practically yesterday!

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You're definitely not alone! Seems like this age is really typical for quick growth spurts! DD just got her pointe shoes in Feb *but* due to lots of circumstances they have only had about 6 classes (and a super simple recital rehearsal/performance, basically rises with holding on). Not much pointe throughout the summer to be expected.... and DD is complaining that her normal shoes are getting snug. She hasn't said anything about her ballet shoes yet (flats or pointes, of course I just bought her 2 pairs of new flats too)... I fear having to buy new pointes when these have barely been used, I can only imagine how I would feel with 2 unworn pairs in the closet!

Luckily, I make all her other dancewear and she doesn't really seem to change sizes in leos... I'm sure it will come but she's been in the same size for the past couple of years.

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