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Hyperextension issues...


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Last night, I was stretching my leg on a counter, and I realized it wasn't actually straight for some reason. I straightened my leg on the counter and the complete bottom side of my knee stuck up ever so slightly! I must say, this is definitely new for me--and I've always thought I've been HYPOextended, and I even might have posted that on other forum topics! What a mistake!!


Getting to the real issue, now I know why I have such a problem closing my fifths without bending my knees or separating them. So, when I straighten my legs in fifth, here is what happens (excuse my ugly toes and rolling in :shhh: ):




My question is: how do I straighten my legs in fifth position while keeping this mini-hyperextensinon? :sweating:

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Sarah, your Photobucket Library is private, so I cannot look at your photos. You will need to open it in order for me to see it.

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Sarah, the photos do not show me anything about hyperextension. I need to see the legs full length, and actually the full body, standing in first facing front and sideways. Also parallel and 5th position facing both ways. And make 5th the best you can make, not a small 4th.

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Okay, I was gone for a few days. I'll be uploading the pictures sometime tomorrow or the day after. :happy:

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Miss Leigh, do I have to include my entire upper body (including my face) in the full body shot? I'm not exactly comfortable with doing that. Thanks!

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Sarah, if the place you are posting them has an option to keep them private, then you can post them there and send me the link in a PM. No one else will see them that way. I really do need to see the whole alignment in order to help you, and that includes the head. I use photobucket, and I know that photos can be kept private there.

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