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achilles issue


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My 12 year old son is experiencing pain in one of his achilles. We have iced, rubbed it out with a tennis ball, and given him ibuprofen. His pain is typically worse at night. He has grown significantly over the last month and started a men's class. Anyone have similar experiences?

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Achilles strains are stress related, and they will not heal as long as the repetitive stress is still happening. That means, he needs to stop, keep icing, and I would not recommend rubbing it with anything. You might try some massage of the calf muscle, as sometimes tightness there will cause pain in the achilles, but do not massage the tendon itself. If there is any inflammation, taking an anti-inflammatory like Advil or Aleve may help, but be sure to stay well within the guidelines for dosage. If it does not heal with a few days of rest and ice, then he needs to see an Orthopedic physician, preferably one who knows how to work with dancers.

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Commonly, boys in ballet suffer a condition referred to Sever's disease. An orthopedist should be able to confirm this. An orthopedist who works with dancers is sometimes able to identify physical aspects which may be problematic.

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