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Tight/sore hipflexors.


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My hipflexors have been tighter than usual lately and a bit sore. I'm very very flexible, especially in my hips, but I've been doing lots of very straining choreography. Any stretches or things I could do to relax my hipflexors a bit?

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:( There's all the regular hip flexor stretches...and our inherent problems with trying to describe these things in type. I personally have fallen in love with doing gentle hip flexor stretching after I've warmed up, until I'm ready to settle into a yoga "pigeon" pose. (Googling that will help you more than my description, I'm sure! Though, as a reminder, the leg that's extended back should be in parallel or you are unlikely to get a hip flexor stretch at all!) I'm not sure if your hips are flexible in that direction; that's just what works for me when I'm not too tight. :shrug:


I also really like to put a hot water bottle on my hips when sore, or take advantage of any hot tub time that's available, or soak in an epsom salt bath if that's not an option.

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I like to place a foamroller under my backside (you have to find your exact personal point), then pull one leg towards my chest and just let relax the other leg by letting it hang over the roller. It's a very relax position and you can experiment on where to put that roller, how much stretching out or bending of the knee you need for different areas to stretch.

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Oooh, what Claude said reminds me: I once had a physical therapist who showed me a new-to-me stretch for my hip flexor that involved lying on her table, with my hips/derriere all the way down at the end of the table, and the leg I wanted to stretch hanging off the end, while the other leg was bent and pulled in to my chest. It was a great passive stretch and felt wonderful!

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Oh, I got that one too from my physio but unfortunately I cannot find furniture in my home to do this.... :-(

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Thanks for the advice! No table here either to do that last one. I love the foamroller one! (I love any foamroller stretch). I danced 7 hours in the last 3 days and the extensive stretching we did seems to have helped a bit.

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Claude, I tried that with a foam roller the other day -- I was at my gym, and they have a very big foam roller -- diameter about 10cm at least -- is that the sort of roller you mean? I'll try it as insidesoloist suggests, from a table. I guess that keeping one leg hugged to the chest stops too much strain on the lower back?


I'm really working on my hip flexors and lower back twisting round muscles (such scientific language). I even went to my second ever yoga class yesterday, and feel wonderfully stretched today, from doing long lunge poses with a spinal twist.

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Yes exactly! I am not sure about the other leg but I guess if you don't pull that one up, it will just strain the lower back and not the hipflexor. I personally have rpoblems with pulling my leg too hard towards my chest (impingement) and therefore I prefer sometimes to pull it just a little bit and the round my back (somewhat like attitude devant with the leg you pull towards the chest and then head to knee). That makes the stretch even more intense.

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Yes, the leg bent in towards the chest is meant to reduce pressure on the lower spine.


*sigh* Yoga. *sigh* I miss that quite a lot! Unfortunately, right now the only yoga classes available around here are heated classes -- not at all my "thing".

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