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Here’s my attempt to start up a thread that’s on the funny side of dance. Not everything in a class is serious and there are times when something funny happens or is said but those events never seem to get repeated, hopefully some here will play along and share…..


A while back one of the adults in my classes couldn’t get a sitter for her little girl, so she brought her to class and I could hear her warning her daughter that she would have to be quite and behave because she could been seen in the little alcove off to the side of the floor. (Now this little one is as sweet and as well behaved as any parent could wish for and is an aspiring dance herself.)


Anyway, class gets started and the little girl is watching with total fascination, we finish a tendu floor warm up and this little voice can be heard calling from the alcove “mama, mama” “mama, mama” several of us look over to where she is sitting and this little one has a super big smile on her face and holding both of her little thumbs up so proud of her mother.


Her mother, the instructor and rest of class dissolved into laughter for a minute. I don’t know what her mother said to her after that event but she never said another word for the rest of the class but the smile never left her face as class progressed.

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Oh, I love it! That is so wonderful! What an adorable reaction from the child!


Thanks for sharing!



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