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Are these hypoextended knees?


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I am very confused on hypoextension, and very confused on where there can be done (if anything) about my knees, and it they really are as terrible as I think they are.

I just started the tennis ball exercise, but I am also wondering if there are other variables, like turnout or placement since I feel my lines look the worst in tendu.

Here are a few pics for reference.



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Ice-Dancer, I'm sorry, but we do not allow photos on the board. You will need to post your photos to an online album and then put a link here for us to look at them.


Since I saw them before removing them, I will tell you that I don't think they are hypoextended. They look straight to me, and I don't think they are terrible at all. :)

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Oh! My apologies Ms. Leigh!

Thank you for your critique, it is a relief to know that they aren't hypo extended and aren't hopeless! Could I still benefit from the tennisball exercise? Also, I am not super flexible behind my knees (I think) because when I do the flex-foot lean forward stretch, I feel it mostly behind my knees and in my calves. I've had issues with knots in my calves and tendonitis in the past (years ago) and am wondering if what I should focus more on is stretching the backs of my knees, calves etc?

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Yes, it sounds like you to need to continue the tennis ball and stretching your calves and hamstrings. However, it is not unusual to feel the tightness more when you stretch forward with the feet flexed. :)

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