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I Need a Visual


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One of my most common corrections--always the thing that comes back if I don't dance for a certain period of time--is that I tend to sway my back.


I can fix it, most of the time, I just have to think about it. The trouble arises when I do anything to the back. I completely lose my "corset", the usage of the abs to prevent the swaying. I literally can't find them until I come back to first/fifth/come around to the side, etc. And then I don't always remember to reengage them, if I'm thinking about something else (like turning out). So if there's a visual for this, I would love to hear it.


Speaking of turning out, I also find it hard to access the rotation from the hips when my back isn't swayed, which according to one teacher I have, is the complete opposite of what should be occurring. Is it just me not liking the new alignment, since I was used to accessing them from the older one?

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Lift-off, lift-off, lift-off!!!!


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Understood, Houston. Liftoff in 5, 4, 3... :grinning:

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