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Hips in Developpés


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I've been having some trouble keeping my hip down when doing a developpé a la second. Is it once the leg gets above 90 degrees that the hip is allowed to lift slightly? Thank you!

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Sallydancer, here is a very recent thread on this topic. Is in the Adult Forum, so you cannot reply, but you might get your answer by reading through it. It's not a really long topic, just one page. :)


Then, if you still have questions, come back and ask them!



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Thank you so much, that thread was really really helpful! I understand now that after a certain point the hip must raise proportionately with the leg. But, do you have any advice on how I can not hike my hip up? Thank you so much!

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You don't raise your leg beyond the point where you can control both the alignment and the rotation. Extension without alignment and rotation is not appropriate in classical ballet. You have to remain within your control zone for these things, and gradually work to improve your extension and not just get the leg up there at all costs, which becomes distortion.

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