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Running and ballet (at a recreational level)


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I'm 19...not doing ballet to become professional, just because I enjoy it and want to pursue it through college. Ive heard a lot about running and ballet not mixing, but I am wondering exactly WHY they do not mix? I love running, I do 5ks-12ks throughout the year and run several times a week. I've heard everything from it's bad for your turnout to it's bad for your knees, but what true damage am I doing to my dancing and body if I am combining ballet (2 times a week for 2 hours, 1 day of 1.5 hour contemporary) and running (4-5 days per week) at a recreational level? I understand that ballet and running on their own provide a set of their own complications, but I am more concerned about why it is so taboo to do both.


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