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hips sqaure in developpe front


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My leg is completely rotated at 90 degrees in a developpe front (by completely rotated I mean my knee is facing the side and my heel is hidden.) If I lift higher I feel like I lose some turnout, but also that my hips are less square. I feel like if I'm doing a devloppe with my right leg extended, I have trouble getting that hip back. I was wondering if it was okay to sacrifice the squareness in the hips for height, because I can't imagine someone being able to get very high extensions with the hips totally square. I feel like if I really focus on my turnout I'm able to get my hip farther back, but then my weight goes into my heel and I'm too focused on the turnout and it throws the whole line off. Shoud I keep it just above 90 until I have enough turnout strength to lift it higher with square hips, or can I lift it higher but let the hips move?


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Swan#7, in classical ballet you do not sacrifice alignment or rotation for extension. Wait for the strength!

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Just wondering, is it anatomically possible for the hips to be completely square if the working leg is at 130 degrees and above?

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