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unusually sore from SI


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I'm soooooo sore from my summer intensive! I feel like I really found my turnout muscles, but now my glutes and inner thighs are really sore and I'm starting to walk like a duck!! Is this normal? I feel sore but when I stretch it does nothing because I have the same flexibility but the soreness won't go away! How do I get rid of it? Part of the soreness may be because our barre was very long today?

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Dancers get sore from doing work they have not done before, working harder than usual, working muscles that have not been worked lately, etc., etc., etc., amen. Get used to it, it's a part of a dancers life. :)

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Make sure you are drinking enough water. This might help a bit.

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You'll also start to get used to it in my experience. In my SI, I started getting used to the sore muscles after the first week. Good luck!

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You and me both! :) I just started Pilates and everything hurts, from my shoulders to my feet! Well on the bright side, you're at a summer intensive so they must think you're a strong enough dancer to handle it, congrats! I hope you feel better soon!

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