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Returning to pointe issues


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I'm returning to pointe and will start taking beginner pointe next week. I did pointe for several years before leaving, and while I remember being comfortable en pointe, I don't remember much else. Things feel very different en pointe now, as they should (I've sustained foot surgery, knee injury, and 3 stress fractures!) and my biggest frustration is I feel I can't get my knees full straight when doing piqué arabesque (I've been playing around in my apartment building's "dance" studio to see what all I remember). I also have an issue holding my turnout in passé, and getting a wide second position en pointe (I feel like unless my second position isn't wide, I can't get over my boxes.) I don't remember these issue when I started pointe, but I don't remember much of starting pointe either! My question is, are these common issues when beginning pointe that beginner pointe classes will help? I don't think it's a feet issue, I've always thought I had flexible feet, strong arches and strong ankles and I get over my boxes pretty well except for in second position.

Hopefully this makes sense, sometimes things make sense to me but I can't portray them in words on a forum, haha! ;-)


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Hello Ice-Dancer, and welcome! Your problems sound very "normal" for someone coming back after a hiatus. Most of it sounds like strength issues. The second position should get wider as your feet get stronger. You didn't say what the foot surgery was but there may be scar tissue? Same for the knee injury. The straightening of the knees and the pulling up of the knee/leg takes practice. Could also be your shoes are still stiff and need more breaking in. Your teacher should be able to correct all of these problems. Let us know how it goes.

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