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hi everyone- we could really use your advice on brands of men's tights. We have a pair of black Wear Moi tights which we have sewn shoulder straps on but to be honest, on stage they seem abit see through! We tried a black dance belt but you could see it just standing in the house. Not good. Our male teacher says that cotton based tights (which these are) tend to do this. We looked at Mirella but DS really didn't like the way they fit along his legs plus the shape of the foot was plain odd. So all thoughts most welcome- the Wear Moi will be fine in class. Moderators, if there is a way for the dancing men to contribute here, that would be great too! :3dnod:

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The M. Stevens Milliskin tights are great! They last a really long time and I don't think there has ever been an issue with transparency. You can find them online at Discount Dance Supply, Tutu.com and other major online retailers.

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We just got DS his first pair of the M. Stevens Milliskin tights for the summer and he loves them. They are very opaque so I wouldn't worry about the stage issues. Apparently these are the tights I must buy from now on. :-)

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My dancer would agree that the M. Stevens are the way to go. After nine years of tights, I still think the Mirella's look wonderful on him, but the foot is rather odd. Since he wears them--we buy what he wants. M. Stevens have been the most affordable, also--a bonus!!

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I've also found that tights are opaque when they are slightly large but will become transparent as my son grows and the material is stretched out thinner with his increased height.


As soon as we notice the tights are getting a bit see-through, we know it's time to buy the next size up.

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Another vote for M Stevens. I wish they made convertible tights so it would be easier to go from ballet class to modern!

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My son just makes them convertible by cutting the foot along the arch. It's the first thing he does when he brings home a new pair of tights.

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Like slhogan we've just cut them (always have used pinking shears) sometimes sewing a stitch at the top and bottom of the cut to keep runs minimal. But I'm with you librarygirl I wish they made the convertible tights.I cringe when seeing something brand new being cut up. Probably good I don't have to watch pointe shoes being made "danceable."

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My son has worn the M Stevens, but prefers the tights made by Saut de Basque (Sautdebasque.com) They will custom make tights for a dancer's height and shoe size which is nice, since my son is quite tall. Donna from Saut de Basque will send you fabric samples so you can touch and see the material before you order. They also make dance tights in capri length, which my son wore for many years, and also shorts in two lengths. They have crazy colors and designs, too, if your son is allowed to wear such items in their dance programs. They are a family run business, and her son is a dancer for SFB - so she knows first hand what male dancers like!

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Thanks for all these thoughts everyone. I had a look for M STevens but didn't easily find someone who ships to Australia. Am I correct in thinking that M Stevens are footless tights? DS likes footed tights with shoulder straps. I can add the straps but do they sell footed ones?

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The m. Stevens are available in footed and footless.


The website for tutu.com has a number for international orders and they offer to add elastics/suspenders if you want them. I've always found them very helpful. Good luck!

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Sansha black tights for boys are so opaque they are almost like legging material. There is very little give to them, so when my son grew a little, out went the tights. But they were fairly cheap and one of the few companies that makes tights for very young boys (he is now 6).

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