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Preparing DD for first SI


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I tried a search, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Sorry if this info is already somewhere else.


I have made posts about my DD12 attending her first SI. It is local and begins soon. She has not had good ballet training in the past. I believe she has beginner terminology down, but she has never been involved in a ballet production like the Nutcracker. Is there movies or a book or an Internet search we could view before hand? She is going alone and is not on pointe. She overheard some of the girls at this ballet school whispering about her, specifically because she isn't on pointe. A couple of girls did approach her and welcome her, so I am not saying the others were mean. She is an academically strong student and picks things up quickly, so if she had some material to read or view, she would happily do it to be better prepared. The director said she was very behind for her age and said this SI would be very difficult for her, but he saw her potential and would love to work with her.

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If you go to ABT's website they have definitions of the French terms in ballet with a number of short videos demonstrating the moves. There is also a DVD called "The Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet". I think the biggest thing is to make sure she understands that she shouldn't compare herself to other girls. Tell her they are developed further because they've had the training, and that she will have to work hard to catch up. That means applying corrections, watching and listening carefully, and putting 110% effort into everything she does, but she can't let the other girls intimidate her. My DD was 13 when we moved from a Dolly Dinkle school to a pre pro school. She didn't know terminology and was seriously behind in technique. She worked very, very hard, and now at 16 is truly coming into her own.

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Thank you so much Backstagemom and lovedance!! These are both terrific suggestions and I appreciate the advice!. I will pass on your words of encouragement backstagemom. She is aware she has had poor training related to ballet. In theory she knows this, but I am sure there will be moments when hearing others have been where she is, will be the perfect "medicine."


I am so grateful for the advice I have received on this site-not just from my posts, but reading others. :)

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